Leasing Your Holiday Property

With an identified gap in the market, Alexander’s First National’s aim is to work with holiday home owners in providing a flexible, personalised and professional approach to holiday management for premium properties.
Offering much more than just a booking service, our full management services will include, but is not limited to, the marketing of your property and brand, accounts management, organisation of the cleaning and maintenance of your properties, as well as the coordination of all booking enquiries from start to post check out.
In order to get you started and to ensure your property reaches the consumers needs, one of our friendly Property Managers will inspect your property and assist in evaluating the following key areas for you:
  • A rate assessment and comparison
  • Target market and consumer assessment
  • Amenity guidelines and requirements
  • Furnishing and fittings guidelines
  • Review of the current holiday market
Naturally every home owner has a different set of requirements for their property and their expectations of how they wish for their property to be managed, that’s why we at Alexander's First National work with you in providing the most suitable arrangement to ensure your property is not only cared for in the best way possible but to ensure it is presented and promoted to the highest possible standard.
The value of income from your property will always depend on variables such as the position, quality and presentation of the property, as part of our target market assessment and property review we will be able to provide the necessary recommendations required to achieve the financial return you envisage.